Hot Shea Butter “Drizzled”
Your body is “drizzle-bathed” in warm, melted Shea Butter… and massaged.

Dea Sea Mud “Painted”.

Your Hair and Scalp Treatment with HOT Shea Butter is DEEPLY massaged Your head is then shrouded in hot, moist, steamy towels.

Sea Salts “Sprinkled”
Dead Sea Salts are “sprinkled” and gently massaged… EXFOLIATION!
Body “Scrubbed” and hot, moist, steamy towels are “wrapped”

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This is the comfort of the Body Harmony Instrument Bed™

Sink deep into a 6 to 12 inches memory foam mattress.

From the inside of your bed – out, Soothing Music Vibrates and Resonates through your body at a cellular level,

While surround-sound fills your room.

“No talking ~ Just Relax ~ Don’t lift a finger”. While pure Shea Butter is slowly “drizzled” over your chest, “dripped” around your neck, And “drizzled” at your hairline, and then…….. “A-h-h-h” neck – shoulders – face – scalp s-l-o-w-l-y massaged.

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